Wandering through London, Jean Claude Jitrois came across Charles Pétillon’s installation, 100,000 immaculate balloons floating in the ceiling of Covent Garden market, bringing the sky within reach. Marc Chagall added a ladder, an important psychoanalytic symbol; which reminded Jean Claude Jitrois of his seminars in Zurich at the Karl Gustav Jung Institute, and also of his favourite books, Down There and Against the Grain. 

The typically French atmosphere of the designer’s home combined with this representation of a higher consciousness provided the underlying starting point for the SS16 collection. Perfectly encapsulated through this elevated symbolism. The Paris sky has been invited into the Rivoli apartment, expressing Mr Jitrois's vision: peaceful and bright, in motion and light. 

Mr Jitrois was also inspired by vintage lithographs which included allegoric and pagan iconography; rich in colours and symbols. This season, numerous embroideries therefore translate directly on leather, tulle and silk, referencing astrological imagery. 

One embroidery reads, “Open your eyes and free your mind”, this encompasses Mr Jitrois' attitude to freedom and reminds him of the spiritual movement from his youth. Those were the years when he first met Cher, with her long straight hair and nonchalant yet bewitching appeal. Various hippie influences also underpin the collection: tasseled polo dresses with a looser silhouette and volume, and fringed stretch leather. 

A summer night’s dream in 2016; sequins are also embroidered on draped stretch leather,bringing new dynamics to the collection and offering.Jean Claude Jitrois is in his element, inverting processes, with leather embroidered onto lace. An Ode to lightness and transparency. 

As for daywear, this breeze of liberation blows freely into the Jitrois woman’s closet. Cuts and volumes become wider with the inclusion of stretch leather "sailor" pants. Delicate cocoon sleeve blouses worn under overall style dresses. The palette is warm, with hues of sand, paprika and gold elegantly mixed with emerald, cyclamen and Azure blue. 

Jean Claude Jitrois is liberating the Jitrois women for SS16, allowing her the opportunity to show both an appetite for life and self-expression.