"Many of my questions regarding styles that suit my body frame and age were answered.  I am able to choose (and avoid) colours that complement by colouring with confidence.  The stylist delivered expert advice with caring and with my best interests in mind to help me look my best.  Shopping in the future will be more focused and easier, freeing up time and money for other things.  Thank you and know your advice will be well used."

Laurel, California USA


"A wonderful, rejuvenating and cleansing experience.With this professional help I discovered items I would have probably wasted time and money shopping for...In my wardrobe!"

Shelly Meltzer, Cape Town


"Thanks to Natalia and her careful direction I was able to renew my wardrobe very happily. Much appreciated!"

Bella Silverman, Cape Town


"It has been an amazing experience using Style Assist. I've had so much fun with Natalia and she has taught me so much about styling myself and just general styling tips. I've now got a great cupboard of clothes from basics to trends that I can mix and match and the best part of it is that I keep getting compliments and not only on what I'm wearing but on how I've put my clothes and colours together and this is something that has never happened to me before. It's been incredibly great for my confidence. I wish more people knew about you and used you. Thanks guys, I'll definately use you again and recommend you to everyone!"

Martine Trope, Cape Town


"Natalia is the epitomy of professionalism when it comes to wardrobe assistance and styling. After having sent an email laying out the structure of the session, she arrived promptly & proceeded to get down to working on my wardrobe immediately. She defined my style and recommended altering a few garments which brought them a new look. (Amazing what a hem lift can do) I have recommended her to friends who will greatly benefit from her constructive styling ability."

Jeanine Hack, Cape Town


"Thank you for making our first time using a personal stylist such a wonderful experience! Also for not making us feel fashionably challenged! You really made us look at our old clothes through new eyes in terms of new combinations or just a few new additions. The cost of using a stylist is cancelled out by buying clothes that actually fit you and clothes that you will get lots of use from. Not to mention the added bonus of gaining a new friend, Natalia. My husband and I both felt extremely comfortable with her from the first day we met. She quickly summed us up and knew exactly what we needed. Natalia, thanks for giving us the image to go with our personalities!"

Tonya and Francois Van Schalkwyk, Pretoria